Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Obsessing Authors

It's day 2 of the win a free Villainology book contest (see previous post for details)! And, also, it's the day after Villainology was officially unleashed upon North America. Now something that authors do obsessively (well at least this author) is wonder such things is my book doing? Are people picking it up right now? Did anyone order it? Instead of reading the entrails of pigs we watch Amazon rankings obsessively. So much so that our eyes pop out:

Okay, we don't look that bad (the above pic is actually one of those odd things that happened while I was making the trailer for Villainology (see previous post). It's a transition between Billy the Kid and The Wicked Witch. I thought it was so gross I'd share it with you). Anyway, Villainology is currently #5,853,389 in Books on Amazon. Now what does that mean? Do I have to find 5.8 million buyers before it reaches the top? And it says there's only 1 copy left. Did that mean they had 2 copies and sold 1? Was the book starting at #10000000? See, it's very confusing. Yet on B&N the book is at # 218,505? Is that better? On the book isn't listed as being released yet. What? Get with the times! Ah, where are those pig entrails?

Don't worry, I am doing some writing today. It's just kinda fun obsessing...


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