Friday, October 12, 2007

Final Day of Villainous Contest

It's the final day of the win a free Villainology book contest (see my Oct. 9th post for details)! At 9PM Mountain Time I'll be doing the draw. There have already been thousands and thousands of entrants (remember authors like to exaggerate). It'll be kind of like bingo, though. I have prepared a special rolling glass ball and will be stocking it with eyeballs. Each eyeball will have one of your names etched on it. I know, it sounds icky, but I had to do something with all those extra eyeballs. Oh, there's a similar contest on Facebook in my Villainology group, so feel free to enter both.
Hey who's this?

And this?

Neat, eh? They're both from the villain lineup at the start of the book. That Derek Mah (the illustrator), he's so brilliant.

Cheers, salutations, and all that jazz,


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