Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Mini-Ebook Sales Update: November

No major news this month on the ebook front. But I do have an amazingly interesting graph:
Okay, it's just a graph. I apologize for calling it amazingly interesting! As you can see after the big "sale-apalooza" in September (1467 copies) sales have levelled out to 493 in October and 586 in November (actually my second highest sales month now). So sales are beginning to trend upwards, though part of this is due to the fact that Tribes was "free" on Amazon last month and that brought the sales of other books up (and the sales of Tribes rose once it went from free to paid status). What's interesting to me is the colour of the November column. Psychedelic, eh? Well, actually I point it out because each colour represents a different book. A variety of my books are selling consistently now, which is a good thing (the blue colour represents DUST which is still by far my bestselling book). And my monthly income will be just over $800.00. Hey, that's a mortgage payment!

If only I had 1000 books on offer. I'd be a millionaire!*

*Actually I did the math. If my 9 books make me 800 dollars a month then 1000 books only make me 88, 888 dollars a month. Hmmph. What a rip off. I can't even buy a jumbo jet with that...


J. E. Medrick said...

Yes, but at $88,888/month, it would only take you 11.25 months to make $1M, so at $1M/year, I think you would qualify in the millionaires club :)

I'm still trying to get a royalty check every month ;)

Anyway, great job! I love your fun graphs like this!

YA: Emergence
Fiction: Shackled

Unknown said...

Ah, you are much wiser than me! Now I just need to write 991 more books!

Glad you're enjoying the graphs! : )