Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dust wins the Governor General's Award (a decade ago)

Recently, I was going through a few old VHS tapes and I—what why are you interrupting me? Oh, what's VHS you ask? It's the video recording format that conquered Beta—what's Beta you ask...ah, just Google it. Anyway, I discovered a dusty tape of the award ceremony for the Governor General's awards in 2001. My novel Dust won the award for Children's Literature that year and that meant a trip to Rideau Hall in Ottawa to see the Governor General and attend an extremely fancy ceremony (Oh, and pick up a cheque for $15,000.00). Money, free food and a mini-holiday! It's every author's dream. Here's the video:

Oh, wait! I wish I was at that ceremony! Actually, the Governor General's ceremony is the closest I'll ever come to getting a medal from Princess Leia. Here is the actual video. The two hour ceremony has been edited down to 5 minutes (in other words I cut everyone else's presentation out).

This is still the highlight of my career. Ten years later I'm surprised that all of this happened and that Dust received so much attention. When I finished writing the book I remember wondering who would want to read a slow-building, dark fantasy? 

Ten years! I'm a little grayer and waiting for that wisdom that is supposed to come with age.



Natalie Hyde said...

You know, had that little girl's hair been done up as cinnamon buns on the side of her head, and it would have been pretty close. :)

Unknown said...

Just needed a wookie, too. Or a few droids! : )

Carolina Smith said...

Both great ceremonies! However the second one seems a little more realistic...
You really should still be proud of that moment!

Unknown said...

thanks Carolina! But the first one has a wookie! : )