Thursday, September 30, 2010

JLG and Shout Line

Dark Deeps

First off, I'm pleased to report that The Dark Deeps is a Junior Library Guild selection in the US. It is so cool to have a book that features The Clockwork Guild be recognized by The Junior Library Guild. Long live the guilds! On top of that I get a neat JLG badge and award certificate. It's like I've joined a superhero club! A nice mixture of books there. I'm especially looking forward to reading fellow Canuck writer Erin Bow's Plain Kate.


Also received a jpg of the Australian cover for Empire of Ruins, the third Hunchback Assignments book. I love this cover (the Canadian version will have the same cover) and I like the font choice, too. As you can see it says "shoutline here" on the bottom. A shoutline has appeared on the other two Hunchback Assignments books, the first being "Unmask the Truth" and the Dark Deeps shoutline was "Unravel the Lies." I've asked for "Uncoop the Chickens" but no one seems to like it. I'm sure we'll find something...


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Briar Rose said...

I can't believe they won't go for uncoop the chickens. Its so sad when multi-million dollar global companies don't have a sense of humourr....