Monday, September 27, 2010

The Dark Deep Blogs Tour is Over!

Dark DeepsWhew, what a tiring tour. I mean I was everywhere, man. And I didn't even leave my home (except to get milk). Here's the recap.

First I started off at Home Base...err, my blog.

Then I was off to Cynsations discussing how to write steampunk in two easy steps.

I then zipped over to Free The Princess and answer a few Q&A's.

Last Monday I was at Steamed. Where I discussed the creation of the book trailers for The Hunchback Assignments.

I then airshipped over to Steampunk Tribune to discuss villains! Villains! Villains.

This was followed by a musical interlude at Suvudu to let you all know the playlist behind The Hunchback Assignments.

Then I waxed all philosphical at Steampunk Scholar.

And the tour ended with a bang at Looking Glass Review .

Now, I'll sleep.


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