Monday, April 05, 2010

The Dark Deeps Covers

Just a preview of the various covers for The Dark Deeps, the second book in The Hunchback Assignments series. It'll be out in early May in Canada, June in Australia and area, and September in the US of A.

This is the Canadian cover:

Cool, eh? Can't wait to see the real thing, of course.

And here is the Australian/NZ cover (or ANZAC as I like to say).

The cover was done by Christopher Steininger.
And finally the American Cover is right here:

Love it. Very steampunky. By Christian McGrath. Yep, only people with the first name Chris can do my covers. The odd thing is that my U.S. editor looks a lot like the woman with the sword. Which has inspired me not to miss my deadlines....


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