Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Hunchback Assignments Storms France!

Holy joie de vivre! The Hunchback Assignments is officially released in French in France (and Quebec, I presume) today. Let the bells ring out! Here's the cover:?
Yes, it's the same as the American cover. You'll notice that the name of the series has been changed. In France it is called "The Agents of Mr. Socrates: The Brotherhood of the Clock." Curious, eh? Why do titles get changed in different countries? (My novel "Tribes" was changed to "Moi, petit hominidé poilu cherche tribu désespérément" ). My theory is the longer the title the bigger the sales. That's why Harry Potter was changed to "Le Young Boy Wizard With The Lightning Bolt And The Cute Sidekicks Takes On The Philosopher And His Stones." Err, I might be making that up!

You can visit the French version here: Editions du Masque. Now that's a cool name for a publishing company.

I had Google translate my biography from French back to English and it came up with: "Arthur Slade is Canadian. After five years in advertising, he said goodbye to a lucrative job and a good mutual health to concentrate on writing. Author Popular in Canada and the United States, he has already received numerous awards in both countries."

I had a lucrative job? I wish. : )

I get a particular thrill thinking that Modo, my "Hunchback of Notre Dame," is returning to France.


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