Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hunchback Worldwide Virtual Tour stop #2!

?The Hunchback Assignments Half Hour Virtual Visit Tour (AKA as HAHH!) steamed it's way to Beaverlodge School in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Ah, home to the mighty Bluebombers, wheat fields, and incredibly intelligent students.

I read. I pontificated. I burbled. I extrapolated.
Of course, I discussed The Hunchback Assignments. And threw all the Victorian factoids I could at them. The class listened intently. See here's proof:
?And we ended it all by singing "God Save The Queen." Err, well maybe I just hummed a few bars quietly to myself. Once again another free signed book and bookmarks were received by the class. Three cheers!


P.S. There are still a few spots left on the HAHH! Worldwide tour. Just read about the contest and enter!
P.P.S Next--Canajoharie Library, Canajoharie, NY, United States.

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