Thursday, November 05, 2009

The French Hunchback edition

Just got word that my French publisher, JC Lattès, will be releasing The Hunchback Assignments in February, 2010. The cover will be the same as the American cover, except, of course, titles and words will be in French. The series will be published under a different name in France: LES AGENTS DE MR. SOCRATES with the subtitle LA CONFRERIE DE L'HORLOGE. Alas my French is rusty (I took it in school a million years ago), but babelfish helped me out. It's The Agents of Mr. Socrates: The Brotherhood of the Clock. Curious, eh? I wish I could have sat in on that meeting to know all the reasons for the name change. I assume it will mean massive sales!

If only I could somehow find my way there when they launch the book.


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