Sunday, December 07, 2008

Signings and Awards


Just got back from a signing at Mcnally Robinson Bookstore here in Saskatoon. It's only about three blocks from my house so I had a nice, chilly, bone-numbing, nose freezing, bracing walk. The perfect way to start a signing (note to self, be sure to blow nose before signing). I always enjoy public signings because they're a lot like public hangings. People just stare at you like the floor is going to fall out. Usually I am mistaken for a store employee and people ask me important questions like "where is the bathroom" and "where is the cookbook section?". Alas, this time people actually wanted me to sign books. The nerve!

That's my little macbook showing a slideshow, drawing in those thousands of signees! Okay, I admit it, the guy in the photo was Leif, a store employee. But there really were a lot of other "real" people there. We just staged this so you'd have something to look at. If you ever need a stand in for your own signings, weddings, or bat mitzvah's, Leif is your guy!

All went well. And I'm pleased to say this was my last promo event for the year. Yay! I'm done. I can rest now.

Oh, before we do that, everyone grab onto their hats, hold each other's hands and let's press the back in time button. We'll just go back a week to the Saskatchewan Book Awards. I went down (across?) to the event in Regina and had a lovely time. Maria Campbell was the keynote speaker and so the meal was buffalo stew and bannock, in honour of her metis heritage. Everything was in a metis theme, including we authors being "fiddled" in by John Arcand, master fiddler.
I didn't even trip on the way in. Jolted was up for Saskatoon Book of the Year, Fiction Book of the Year, and Young Adult Book of the Year! $6000.00 was just waiting to fall into my hands. I know, I know, what happened? How exciting! And the winner was....

Not me. Alas, I was a three time loser. : ) Ah, but I got a free meal! And I was especially happy for my friend Alison Lohans who won the YA book of the year. And my other pal, Pam Bustin who won Fiction book of the year. And my other friend Louise Halfe who won Saskatoon book of the year. Now that they're each a little richer I feel so much closer to them...

Here's a pic from my interview with Max TV before the announcements:

Max TV Interview

I did my best to find something profound to say. It was brilliant! I just wish I could remember what it was...


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