Friday, December 05, 2008

Launch of Jolted...and lunch


I'm blogging about this rather late, but better late than never. I launched JOLTED at Tommy Douglas Collegiate here in Saskatoon on Oct. 23rd.

I cut together some video from the event. I condensed an hour long launch into about 10 minutes (in other words I took out the long boring parts and the tomato throwing episode and the tightrope walking schtick and the elephants who appeared--I assumed no one would want to see that). This will show you some of the other shocking things that happened.

It was a fun, exciting, exhilarating event. As you can tell I need to learn to stay under the spotlight, so I brightened up parts of the video. For those of you who want to know such things, I edited it all on a Macbook 2.4 (yes one of the fancy new ones), using Final Cut Express. It was my first experience with the program and I'm learning to like it.

The actual audio video presentation for the launch is done in Keynote, which I highly recommend for these types of presentations.

The audience was great and I am thankful that Tommy Douglas Collegiate let me launch my book at the school. Nothing like celebrating with 400+ students!

Of course, I ended the event with lunch at Truffles, dining on truffle butter steak. Mmmmmm.



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