Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Voices in My Head!

Whew, finally got another draft of The Hunchback done. There's nothing like hitting the send button and suddenly feeling like a 20000 pound weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Then the questions begin...should I have changed that? Should I have changed this? Did I really do a rewrite or was it more of a spellcheck? Alas, my editors will have to figure that out.

Okay, finally, after over a year I've done another Writing for YA podcast. It's available on iTunes or my website. And it's all about finding your voice. And it was inspired by an e-mailed question from Cyndi: "I have a problem with my voice when I write. Any tips? What could I do to work out the kinks?" I rambled on until I felt like the question was answered.

Do you have anything you'd like me to babble about? I'll gladly babble about anything.

Am listening to Metallica's Death Magnetic right now. It sounds like the old Metallica is back. They put a real hurt on my ears (in a good way).
And I'm packing for my 3 day trip to perform at Thin Air: Winnipeg International Writers Festival . Looking forward to it---I have to present at Balmoral School and do two stage presentations with Susin Nielsen, author of Word Nerd. Now that's a cool name for a book. Wish I'd thought of it...


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