Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thin Air and teasing other writers

First off, I've done a podcast of the first chapter of Jolted. It's available on iTunes or here. Or, watch the podcast on Youtube.

I'm just back from Thin Air: Winnipeg International Writers Festival . Had a lovely time in Winnipeg, the presentations all went well and I got to hang out with several authors, including Susin Nielsen, author of Word Nerd. Her book is guaranteed to make you smarter or no money back. She didn't say that herself, it's just a conclusion I jumped to. My favorite question from the readings was girl in grade 4 who asked, "can anybody be an author?" I immediately said, "No, all of you give up now." I only said that because they all seemed so smart and creative and I didn't want the extra competition about fifteen years from now (okay, maybe I said, "yes, anyone can be an author, you just have to work at it.").

My presentation at Balmoral Hall, which was an all-girls school, went well. I was treated like royalty and had a good audience... except (insert dramatic music here) there was a practice lockdown. That's the second school in a row that has had a practice lockdown while I was in the building. I keep telling people it's my writing that's creepy, I'm not creepy. Really!

Speaking of teasing people, well this was the ad Harpercollins used for the Eden Mills Festival:

and this is the ad from the Winnipeg Festival.
You may notice that someone is missing. Did you do something to upset your publisher, Susan (I just assume she reads my blog)? Is this a sign of something? Oh, I know, I know that she'd cloud the issue with facts like...I wasn't at the festival, Art, that's why I don't appear in the ad. Hmmmph. I've never much liked facts. : )


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BionicPerry said...

Thanks for coming out to THIN AIR 2008 Art! It was really great to meet you, and even hang around for a bit, especially since you're my biggest fan! ;-)