Monday, August 25, 2008

4 1/2 daggers and a lightning bolt!

Hey Megiddo's Shadow just received 4 1/2 daggers out of 5 at the 3 EVIL cousins book review blog. Long have I dreamed about a 4 1/2 daggers out of 5 review! It's a great site, check it out. And they have a cool logo, too.

Oh, and I got the entries for my listserv contest. The question was "What does it feel like to be hit by lightning?" And the winning answers were:

It feels like being tickled in the ear with an anvil.

Peter in Thunder Bay

I would say it feels like a fire, but as quick as a cricket. I think the impact would feel like you've been pushed and you lose your breath along with your sight for the second you're being hit.. But this happens so quickly I don't know if you'd feel it while you're hit xD Overall I think it'd be painful.

Billi in Toronto

Having been hit by lightning, and lived to tell the tall tale, I have to say it is the most unusual feeling. I tell people it is "terribly tingly", which of course describes it perfectly. You tingle all over, in an ALMOST good way. It is quite similar to hitting your funny bone, which ALMOST tickles. The best part (read "the ONLY good part") is how discombubulated you feel afterwards. Your joints are all loose, and you almost feel like you could float. Of course, stories of my Great Uncle Skiffington (real name), who was actually hit by lighting multiple times, lead me to believe that being struck by lightning renders you unconscious, followed by muscle aches from head to toe, and a messed up memory, temporarily. Personally, I prefer my version, tall and all.

Sarah in Regina

What's it like to be struck by lightning? Wow! That's what it's like. It's like turning into a Christmas tree, it's like morphing into your favourite meal (well done), it's like becoming ... like ... supercharged with celestial energy and then drifting away in a cloud of smoke. It's like some force in the cosmos has decided that you and only you are (just like our parents used to tell us) a very very important person. You have been selected for a very special vacation by the GALVANIC CORPORATION (one way, no refunds, speedy service). What's it like to be struck by lightning? It's like glow little glow worm, sizzle sizzle. You know that song? Why, then, sing it along with me! One and a two: glow little glow worm, sizzle sizzle./ I've got a bolt that'll wet your whizzle .... That's what it's like.

Dave in Saskatoon

Great, eh. They each won a copy of JOLTED. And they're all members of my listerv. You can join, too. Membership is free...


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