Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Villains--on the cutting floor!

Well, nigh over a month until Villainology comes out. Oct. 9th is "V" day!
Sadly not every piece of purple prose I wrote will be appearing in the book. Apparently they have page lengths to these things! Yes, I was as surprised as you. Which does make one wonder, are editors ruthless villains? Or are they ruthless taskmasters? (uh, this doesn't apply to any editor who's bought me lunch)

So here's a section on "Other Victorian Villains" that was left on the floor...

Other Victorian Era Villains:
The Victorian Era was the years in England when Queen Victoria ruled (1837-1901). Everyone was stodgy back then, practicing their stiff upper lips and drinking tea. Oh, and they also worked on their villainy. And not just in England.

Jack the Ripper: Ah, good ol’ Jack the Ripper. Back in 1888 he scared London and all the surrounding Brits by attacking and killing several women. He then wrote a letter to the paper, calling himself Jack the Ripper. Newspapers wrote story after story about him. Where is he? Who is he? When will he strike again? It sold a lot of newspapers. And later on books and then movies. No one ever found out who Jack the Ripper was. That’s not funny. In fact, that’s a little scary.

Tune in for more Villains from the cutting floor...someday...soon.


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