Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Monsterology is scarier than Poutine!

Just received the French version of Monsterology, published by Bayard. Look's great, eh?

Interesting that it becomes Monstrologie! I like it. And boy, it's ten times funnier in French. Here's an example:

Occupations: Etre gros et manger.
Il deteste: Se cogner la tete, Jacques, tomber de haut, quand les nuages sont bas.

Ha! Etre gros et manger! Etre gros et manger! If that doesn't tickle your funny bone I don't now what will. French really is the language of love. Uh, and laughter. Grosse Le Laughter!*

Monsterology's World Conquest is just beginning.

Adios, uh, I mean, Au revoir,


*this is where I admit I did take French up to Grade Twelve but it was taught to me by a woman with a Scottish accent. "Ach, Monsieur Slade, you make the French sound like 3 day old haggis." Very sad. I was almost cultured once.

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