Saturday, June 02, 2007

Miscellania and other destinations

Well, not exactly physical destinations. More just destinations of the mind. I was just thinking about re-writing (I'm going over my next book for the billionth time). Cutting is still the hardest thing to do. I have a way to get across that psychological barrier of amputating your prose. I open another file, which I usually title "extra stuff" or something clever like that. Then anything I cut, I just paste it into that file. That way I don't really feel like I'm throwing it away. When I get "done" the book (okay, perhaps I should say "sick of the book") I go through the file. By that time I find I've lost my emotional connection with the items I've cut. Most of them, anyway. The good ones I sneak back in.

Totally different topic, last Monday I went to John Paul II School in North Battleford to booktalk Megiddo's Shadow to a parent/offspring book club. There were about twenty people there, adults and their daughters or sons, ranging from grade 8-12 or so. There's something exhilirating about seeing both generations together talking about a book. I could go to one of these events every night. Especially because they had cookies!

The Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz award was awarded yesterday. Sadly the $5000.00 prize didn't go to Megiddo's Shadow. I feel sorry for my book. It's seems to be always a bridesmaid, but never the bride. : ) The award did go to Deborah Ellis's I Am A Taxi. She's a marvelous writer, I highly recommend her work. Now I'll have to go out and pick up this book of hers! Check out the announcement. The children’s picture book prize was awarded to Scaredy Squirrel (Kids Can Press) written and illustrated by Montréal author Mélanie Watt.

Finally, I've joined both Facebook and recently. It's interesting the people you meet in these places. Facebook is particularly addicting. Of course it's good for writing to communicate with people, right? Right? Wait, I better go update my site to "Arthur is working on his blog right now."

Ciao for now,

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