Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Finally, an update! Happy New Year!

Yep, I have no excuse for not writing on this ol' blog. Well, other than I have been writing. Real writing that is. Or at least the kind of writing that ends up getting published on a dead tree.

What's been new? Uh, we had the biggest baddest worst blizzard in half a century here in Saskatoon. It really was rather amazing. I've never seen the whole city shut down because there was so much wind and snow. Prairie folk don't stop just for a blizzard. But this one made us pause. People even had to stay in Walmart overnight! Walmart! I was glad to have a job that involves staying home and looking out the window. Though I did go out and buy milk. Nearly didn't make it back alive. Well, I could be exaggerating. Here's a pic of our front door.

Frosty, eh?

Have been plugging away on my book for adults. One page a day is my goal. Which is very doable. And sometimes it only takes a few minutes. Have been working much harder though on my next book for middle readers, titled Worse Than Starkers. Already on draft #3. Which is completely different than draft #2. A loooooong process. Don't you hate it when your first idea for a book turns out to be, well, totally wrong. And you have to start over?

Oh, and finished the edits on Villainology, which will be out this fall.

Here's one of the villainous villains. Can you guess who?

And also finished up the edits on The Invasion of the IQ Snatchers. Here's a mock up of the cover.

It all starts when some aliens decide to take over Nanaimo using Nanaimo bars...

That's about it. What's new with you?


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