Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A wrap up! Awards, Bestsellerdom, and travel!

Ah, it's been too long since I've blogged. But after launching my book in Moose Jaw, I then gallivanted and lurched around Ontario, Manitoba, and more of Saskatchewan. I visited over 50 schools, signed hundreds of books, presented at book stores in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Regina and hardly had a moment's rest. Oh, and I launched Megiddo's Shadow once more at the Nutana Legion here in Saskatoon (they have a wonderful military museum in their basement, which really added to the atmosphere). The launch went well and I didn't put anyone to sleep with my audio/visual show about the book. So now I'm catching up on things, including my writing.

Megiddo has been galloping along. It has been nominated for the Red Maple Reader's Choice Award in Ontario and it won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Children's literature! That was a fun night, I even dressed up in a suit (it's a very classy event). And I was happy to get my official award. Oh, and the $2000.00 cheque. All in all an enjoyable time. Can you believe people actually pay money to dine and watch authors receive awards? My favorite moment was when Martha Blum, who is 91, won for Best Fiction. She's such a wonder and an inspiration.

And to add to the good news Megiddo was a hot pick for School Library Journal and it received a starred review from the same magazine. It's like when we used to get stars put on our papers in school, except even better!

Finally Megiddo actually reached #5 on the Kid's Fiction list in Canada. And has been in the top ten for the last few weeks. Surprised the heck out of me!

Well that's about it...better get back to the grindstone/computer.


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