Wednesday, August 02, 2006

iPod/Mr. Monday

I just finished listening to Garth Nix's Mr. Monday on my iPod shuffle. I was enthralled by the first book in the series, not just the storytelling, but also by the storytelling ability of the voice talent on the Audiobook. It really brought the story to life. I highly recommend the book. It's a good one for the middle years audience.

I do find my iPod to be a really usefull tool for helping my writing. I, of course, believe the more you read the better you will write. And now that I can listen to audiobooks when I'm out shopping for groceries or doing the dishes, I am getting through a lot more books. Plus I listen while I jog and I find that if it's a good book I'm much more likely to get up in the morning and go for a jog, than if I don't have a good audiobook in my iPod. And, apparently, there's a connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Though I'm not sure if that's been proven yet.

Anyone else have any favorite Audiobooks? I also loved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.


P.S. Also finished STONES in book form by William Bell. A good horror novel for teens with well developed characters. Don't always get that in horror novels.

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