Friday, July 07, 2006

New Schedule: Redux

Just an update on my new fancy, dancy schedule of writing 3 things at once. It seems to be working. I finished my shorter "cheesy" book just today...well at least I finished the first draft. That's the book I'd work on for an hour first thing every morning. Sometimes I'd write 5 pages in that time, sometime one, so my output really seemed to vary. But I got something done on it every day. Now on Monday I can pick something else to slide into that slot. I do find that this schedule is easing some of the frustration I've felt at not getting my various projects finished (or even started). My main project, which takes up three hours every day, has slowed down slightly, but I still have more energy in those three hours than I did when I was working on it as my only project.

Now, what should I turn to on Monday? Hmmm. I'll have the weekend to figure that out.


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