Monday, March 04, 2013

Modo: the graphic novel kick off

I love comics! And I've always wanted to do a graphic novel inspired by The Hunchback Assignments series. So I'm kicking off the Indiegogo campaign for Modo: Ember's End. It's a stand-alone graphic novel that takes place in the wild west--72 pages of fabulous full colour in hardcover. This is going to be one beautiful collector's item!

The artwork is done by the awesome Christopher Steininger, who did the Canadian covers for the novels (and has been working in the comics industry for years now). He's chomping at the bit to get to work! Please drop by the campaign page and check out his artwork. And feel free to leave a comment, too. We'd love to hear your opinion. And if you want to help out, please share this information with your own networks. Every little bit counts.

The story takes place in Ember's End, a wild west town built by a mad scientist. Intriguing? Well wait until you meet his beguiling daughter. And then there's the ruthless mercenary Ogden Bull who has come to town searching for a device that will either end all wars...or start them. Oh, and did I mention that there'll be a steampunk ninja? Modo is going to have his hands full.

As you can tell I'm excited about this project. So excited I feel like shouting out expressions like, "this is root-tootin' fun!" But, um, that would be very unclassy.

For those of you unfamiliar with, it's a crowdsource fundraising website. What that means is that people fund a project before it's created. It's a way of supporting some of your favourite artists and of getting a collectible item out of the deal. We've added some real sweet deals to the pot.

It's great to dive back into the world of Modo and Octavia, especially in this format.

Cheers and all that jazz!


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