Monday, August 20, 2012

Holy Steampunk! The U.S Island of Doom Author Copies are here...

The U.S. version of Island of Doom has arrived! So like a proud papa I immediately took photos of the books. This what we authors do in our spare time. I was going to put little hats on them, but thought that would be demeaning. Plus, I couldn't find any steampunky enough.
Anyway, it's so wonderful to see the complete series side by side and pile atop each other. Don't they look snazzy? And they practically scream "adventure!" And the other great thing is that they--

--hey, how does that Ringwraithe end up in all my shots? Don't let it intimidate you. I can hear it saying, "Buy this book or to Mordor we will take you." Ha! You can't even capture a couple of hobbits, Wraithy. Get on your horse and ride back to your master.

Anyway, as I was saying before the Tolkienesque interruption, it's great to have the series all done and the books in my home. Hard to believe they're real. Island of Doom is already out in Canadian bookstores and will be released in the U.S. on September 11th!


P.S. And the book will be out on Sept. 1st in Australia and NZ


Jim said...

apropos of nothing. . . I think you should take a picture of yourself next to a box of Life cereal. You should stand all rigid and expressionless and you should caption it "Art Imitates Life".

Cool book covers.

Anonymous said...

LOL on hats on your books!! And wow on the covers-got some good "hold em up and show em" power going on there!

Unknown said...

Ha, off I go to buy some Life cereal! I am good at being expressionless.

And thanks, Deb. I told my publisher I'd make a bullet proof vest from the covers and wear it around as advertising. They thought I was joking!

Heather said...

Nice covers although the Canadian covers are cool too. The last one in particular looks like a "from the movie" cover. I would watch those movies :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Heather,

Yeah that last one does look like a movie poster. I'd watch the movies, too. Or at least take the option $$