Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Navel-Gazing Ebook update: December Sales

Hello and welcome to my ebook navel gazing! What frabjous joy it brings! What slithy toves it creates! Okay, before you all pull out your vorpal blades I'll stop quoting Jabberwocky. In a snicker-snack that is!

December was officially my 2nd best ebook sales month since I started last February. Yes, that's 11 months of self-publishing. Funny how the time passes when you're navel gazing. We're almost at the 1 year celebration where I'll spend all my massive royalties on a party in the South Pacific. Or a party in a corner of my garage. Depending on funds, of course.

Herewith is the graph you've all been waiting for:

No new and amazing conclusions this month. Dust did take off and was in the top 100 for horror on Kindle US for a short time. That accounted for most of the sales (Dust is the blue colour on the graph). The Hunchback Assignments continued to sell moderately well in the UK. Total sales across all platforms was 833 copies (Dust sold 570 copies, so that gives you an idea of why there's so much blue in the above column). And total sales since February is 4554 copies (divided between the 9 books I have for sale). Kindle is still about 90% of my sales.

All in all I'm pleased with the response to the ebooks. And every little bit of money I make is going against my mortgage. If someone would just buy about 50,000 books it would all be paid off.

Happy mortgaging!



Catherine Stine said...

Pretty good haul! Thanks for the transparency so we can all learn. Naval-gazing's kind of fun.

Unknown said...

Yes, it is fun! : ) As long as I get paid for it that is...