Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Amazing Ebook Update (warning GRAPH-ic material)

Well, I have all my ebooks up online now. Here are the fancy covers (with clickable links, of course):

And here's my updated report across all platforms:

February: 12 copies
March Sales: 43 copies
April Sales: 377 copies
May Sales: 273 copies

That's a drop of over 100 copies since last month. Here's the handy dandy graph (the different colours match different books...DUST is the blue book):

The drop for sales between April and May is even bigger than it appears because 70 of those copies in May (of Draugr--more on this later) were free copies given away as a promotion. Many epublishers reported a drop in sales last month, partially due to Amazon having a massive giveaway of free ebooks and, about mid-month, Amazon changed their format for "tagging" books. Well, actually they deleted the way books are tagged, so this affected which bestseller lists my books appeared on. One assumes the tags will return with a revamped tagging system in the future.

All in all I'm happy with the sales. April was a bit of an anomaly because DUST had several mentions in influential kindle websites and that really affected sales. I still hope that the book will, over time find traction on its own (and my other books, of course). Plus I think the YA/Kids market is still a year away from reaching its true potential. I am pleased that I now have an account with Barnes and Noble, so my books can be bought and read on the Nook (love the app for my iPad). The Nook market isn't as big as Kindle, but it's the second largest of all the markets. Plus they have a really easy interface for keeping track of your books and sales.

Free Horror!
Also, for the month of June, I am giving DRAUGR away for free. So if you go to iBooks or Smashwords you can download it for nada. I can't lower the price past .99 cents on B&N nor Amazon (though Amazon may drop the price to zero once its "robots" recognize the book is on sale in other places). It should soon be free on Kobo, too. This is my way of introducing readers to the series (and hope that they pick up the second and third book). Plus, if you've never downloaded an ebook before, there's no risk in downloading a free one.

Update over. Art out.


The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

I am following you and and plan to download the free book. Good Luck!

Unknown said...

Thanks! Enjoy...

R. Doug Wicker said...

All in all you should be very happy with those numbers, Arthur. In just four months you've accumulated far more sales than I have in nine. Good job!

Here's to wishing you much more success in the future.

Unknown said...

Thanks Doug! I wish you success, too. As a friend of mine keeps reminding's the long tail I have to look for.