Thursday, April 14, 2011

My E-Newsletter Winners

About every three to four months I send out a somewhat glib and perhaps funny newsletter about the "goings on" in my career. 

And I always, always have a contest where I give away stuff (because there should be some payoff for reading my newsletter). My latest contest had three giveaways. Here's the first one followed by some of the more creative answers:

1. For everyone. A free signed copy of Empire of Ruins. Just answer the question "What is the airspeed of an African pigeon?" Be creative.

"Hmmm hard to come up with airspeed of African pigeons as you don't specify if the pigeon is actually flying at the time or even if it is in the hold of a 747. I think I'll have to split the difference and say.... the envelope please... the envelope?... give me the damn envelope 156 ppm (pigeons per minute). Fast, I know but that's the best estimation."

"Zero…NATO has put up a no-fly zone."

"Depends how hard it farts. :)"

2. For teachers only. A Box of Tribes. That's right if you answer this question properly "What is 2 + 2 - 4=" you will receive a class set of TRIBES, my anthropogical study of high school in a novel.

"0 - which happens to be the name of one of the characters in Holes - one of our other favourite books (after all of yours)."

3. For everyone. A free copy of the ebooks Draugr and Dust. Just answer the question, "how much wood does a virtual eChuck chuck?"

"Virtually all of them !!"

"A virtual forest is chucked by the eChuck."

"The amount of wood a virtual echuck chucks, if a virtual eChuck could chuck wood, would be however much wood a virtual echuck chucks, whenever a virtual echuck would chuck wood."

The Winners were:
1. Cameron from Regina
2. Harriet from Winnipeg
3. Elizabeth from Calgary

See the fun we have with my eNewsletter? Feel welcome to join in the winnings and fun by signing up below:



The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Thought full questions!
How's the ebook going?

Unknown said...

It was a fun contest. Try and have fun that's my motto! : )

Ebooking is going well, sales are up quite a bit and about to release another book tomorrow. Will update the ebook adventure at the end of the month.