Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dark Deeps Released in the US of A!

?Well, yesterday The Dark Deeps was released in the US. It's making a big splash! It's going full fathom five! It's going all Davey Jones' Locker on the charts...err, that last one doesn't sound so good. There was a big Book Birthday Bash on Twitter, always lots of fun. The virtual cake was delicious! I especially enjoyed the oceanic Horse Doovers...ordervers, 'orsderves. Ah, I should just give up on talking fancy.

Starting Friday I'll be doing a "steampunkalooza" blog tour. It'll begin right here on my blog, where I'll talk about the joy of receiving author's copies. Mmmm. Free copies.

On Saturday I'll be at Cynsations discussing how to write steampunk in two easy steps.

On Sunday I'll zip over to Free The Princess and answer a few Q&A's.

Monday you'll find me at Age of Steam. Here I'll discuss the creation of the book trailers for The Hunchback Assignments.

Tuesday I'll airship over to Steampunk Tribune to discuss villains! Villains! Villains.

Wednesday, I'll take the steam train to Suvudu to let you all know that music is the real inspiration for the Hunchback series. Yes, that question everyone wants to know about everyone else...what is on your iPod?

Thursday Ah, I feel scholarly. I'll be heading over to Steampunk Scholar to wax on about steampunky things.

And Friday, the blog tour will come to a stop at Looking Glass Review to try and do the impossible. That's right I'll attempt to define steampunk.

Then I'll take off my goggles and snooze...

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