Friday, November 20, 2009

Hunchback Worldwide Virtual Tour stop #3!

Yep, today I visited 42°54′22″N 74°34′19″W! Can you believe it! It was the 3rd stop in The Hunchback Assignments Half Hour Virtual Tour of the World! I took the SKYPE train to the Canajoharie Library and Arkell Museum and spoke to 100 grade five students (or fifth grade students) from Canajoharie Middle School.? As you can see they kept the library dark so that the students could close their eyes and be lulled into a sleep as I told them stories of assassins, goth queens, and steam powered monstrous creations. I recommend a Google street view of the library, it looks like a very cool place. The students followed up with brilliant questions and we all talked about how much we love Iron Maiden. Err, maybe that was just me talking.

Then I stepped into a time/space/Skype continuum and ended up back in my office with a cup of tea. It's the magic of science!


P.S. Next stop...Winnipeg--again!!!!

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