Friday, October 16, 2009

Wordfest Report

Just back home after having an excellent time at the Calgary Wordfest. My first event was Wordfeast, which is a fund raiser. Yes, people actually pay money to sit with writers. I put on quite a show gobbling all my food down like a madman and talking with dessert in my mouth. They got their money's worth! The next morning I shared the stage with Don Calame, a master of humour! Or maybe a Ninja of humour.

The audience was loud, proud and...err on the smallish size. Only because it had snowed heavily that morning and the buses for one of the schools couldn't make it. So, at the request of one of the teachers, Don and I donned our superman capes and flew to the school that afternoon and did an extra presentation at the school.
On Thursday I visited Holy Cross school and talked about The Hunchback Assignments and odd Victorian factoids for over an hour. Boy, those students just couldn't get enough Victorian factoids. Then in the afternoon I teamed up with Matthew Skelton, author of Cirrus Flux and Endymion Spring.

The crowd was loud, proud and well big...because all the buses worked that day. And each student from one of the schools brought drawings of the covers of my book and Matthew's. They were amazing (I hope to have pics someday).

Then, all done, I donned my superman cape and flew home. Or was it that I waited in the airport for ages then hopped a Westjet flight?


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