Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Week's Roundup

Just a round up of last week's events. Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of taking my Hunchback Assignments traveling show to the Chapters on Runnymede in Toronto. A beautiful bookstore, built in an old theatre. I spoke to students from the Canadian Children's Book Club Program and was able to chat with them individually as I signed books.

Then I was off to Ottawa for the Ottawa International Writers Festival. Rainy and cold, that first day, but the people were friendly. I spoke at 4 schools (Immaculata High School, Saint Frances Xavier, Queen Elizabeth, and Saint Patrick Intermediate).

Here's a shot at Queen Elizabeth. The students were brilliant and laughed at my jokes...err I think they were laughing with me...

Here's Saint Patrick school. 450 students and they were perfectly well behaved and all had IQ's of 180 or more (I'm just judging by the quality of the questions that I received).


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