Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Hunchback Website is alive!

Okay, put on your goggles. Strap down your top hat. Pick up your extra terrestrial walking stick. The Hunchback Assignments Website is officially live. Travel back to Victorian times. Read on a steam powered iPod! Discover Odd Victorian facts. It's all there.
It was designed by Derek Mah with input from myself (Derek designed my arthurslade.com website and more of his work is available at attoboy.com).
Blue website
One of the problems we had to solve was that there are two different covers--one for Canada and Australia and the other for The United States. So there's a little button on the upper right that you can click and it will change the background. That's right, the visitors to the site pick which cover they want in the background. It's democracy in action.
Brass website
Cookies will keep it blue until you change it. This was how we solved the problem of having different covers.

On the "Play" page you'll find various videos and audio. I'm especially pleased with the "radio" plays at the bottom left. They feature voices of a variety of actors who brought the story to life.

The "Steamtrunk" page is where all the extra goodies go on the site. Right now it features The Hunchback Half Hour contest for teachers, the Facebook fan page, and Victorian factoids. Look for Victorian swear words in the future. Wouldn't you love to swear along with Dickens?

All in all I'm pumped about the website,


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