Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jolted Study Guide--Made by students!

Just received a wonderful package from a teacher at Macneil School in Regina.


As their teacher explained to me: "My grade seven students read your new book "Jolted" and really enjoyed it. As an assignment for your book, they studied novel studies produced and published for various other novels, and in pairs, or alone, they produced novel study guides for your book "Jolted". Our teacher librarian, and myself, then chose the best novel study, and rewarded the pair of students with a meal at MacDonalds, but the icing on the cake was the promise that I would send a copy of this novel study to you. (We also put copies of all of these novel studies in our school library for other students to use when reading your book.)" Wow, the whole study guide is wonderful and what a great project. And oddly enough a meal at Macdonalds is what I get paid when I hand in each one of my novels. If my publisher is particularly happy they will buy me a milkshake, too. I've heard rumours that some authors get paid money, but that can't be true, can it?

Anyway, good work!



joelle said...

Art, was looking around the web for "how to write a study guide" and google brought up this post. You should know that at McDonalds they're only allowed to call them shakes because there's no milk in them. Haha! This is cool. That's what I need a class of kids to write one for me.

Unknown said...

Ha! A Shake. Now it all makes sense.

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