Saturday, August 08, 2009

Catalogue? Real? Imagined?


Here's a clipping of the Hunchback Assignments being featured in the HarperCollins Canada catalogue. I always enjoy seeing the catalogue because then I can finally go, "whew, they weren't kidding, they are going to publish it." You never know--it might be an elaborate joke, right? Right? Or is the catalogue part of the joke?


If it is a joke they really have done their homework. That's the main page up there. It looks real, doesn't it? I mean there's even an ISBN number and a blurb. Then again...did people land on the moon? Does anyone know for sure...

There are lots of other authors in the catalogue. Including these.


Oh, these look great. Of course I'm a big fan of Susan Juby and of Kenneth Oppel (though they no longer let me in their houses, no matter how long I lurk). And isn't that a lovely cover for John Marsden's new book? How about Barb Haworth-Attard's Haunted? Now that cover creeps me a good way. And Rachna Gilmore's cover makes me crave dilly bars, but like I always crave dilly bars. Mmmm. I'm going to devour that book. And there's also Tish Cohen's new book. Little Black Lies. Intriguing title. It makes me this really a catalogue? Or are they all in on the prank. Are they laughing now?


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