Sunday, July 19, 2009

Teaching YA Writing at Sage Hill

?Well, it’s day one of teaching young adult writing at Sage Hill Writing Experience. The course takes place at St. Michael's Retreat near Lumsden, SK. As you can see it's a lovely place. There are several courses being taught so all of we "faculty" get to arrive a day early, get settled in, and get a good sleep before the massive onslaught of students arrive. My class will be 4 students who have completed novels and want to "improve" them. A bit of lecturing, some class discussion, and then one on one discussion--for twelve days.
? This is my room. You know those Franciscan friars didn't need much space. At least there's a nice view (though the view is rather curious since we're looking across a valley at a highway--odd to sit in this peaceful place and to see all these people whizzing by). Ah, well, I better do a bit of "prep" work.


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