Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 5 and Still Alive

?What Day is this? Oh yeah, it's day five of being the facilitator of the "writing for young adults" lab at Sage Hill Writing Experience. What fun we are having. We are really "labbing" it, I tell you what. Why today we discussed "triage" rewriting. That is picking the parts of your novel that need the most attention first and fixing them, then moving on to the next most "traumatic" section. Also we did that whole 3rd person critiquing, where as a group you critique a fellow writer's work but pretend that they are not in the room. "Well I think the author did this because..." or "she has a lovely way of describing petunias." The author can't say a word and only takes notes. It's an interesting way to do it because after awhile you do forget that the person is actually in the room. They can finally talk once we invite them back into the conversation. No fisticuffs today, either!


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