Friday, September 12, 2008

Eden/Lightning/Annoying your friend

Whew! I'm home from the Eden Mills Festival. Which could also be called the Eat, Drink, and be Merry festival. In other words they fed me and the other authors (the ones whom I didn't elbow off the table) really well. And it was a wonderful experience, despite the rain. I was there to kick off my new book JOLTED and the rain and clouds were the perfect backdrop for a book about lightning. I shared the stage with my pals Kenneth Oppel and Alma Fullerton.

There they are pretending to be awake. People actually laughed at my reading (oh, the section I read was intended to be funny. They weren't laughing at me. Uh, I think). If you want to see more photos just click HERE. Lots of other writers were there including the inestimable Susan Juby, whom I did not get to hear read because she was on at the same time as me at a different stage. Acckk! Well, at least HarperCanada put me in the same ad as her:

The ad was so big I had to splice my scan of it together. Cool, ad though, eh? I mean we look ominous. Except Susan who looks friendly. She has to work on looking ominous. I like how they mention that our books are available wherever books are sold. Don't look in the alligator shops, folks! Or in the gutters (where you usually find my work)! Ah, I hope people are running into their bookstores as we speak.
And finally, have you ever wanted to annoy your friends? Well don't do this.

Cheers and all that,


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