Thursday, June 21, 2007

I got 800 tattoos

The Villainology tattoos are here! The Villainology tattoos are here! Yes, my publisher sent a package of tattoos to hand out to fans, friends, strangers, bus drivers and hula hoopers. They can also be used as currency in Belize!
Here's the tattoos on my desk.

All you do is add water, peel off the paper and voila, you're tattooed. Here's one of the tattoos on a chicken leg:

Okay, that's really my arm. And it does look like I have jaundice, but that's just the lighting. I forgot to put my automatic-bicep-enhancing lens on my camera. Here's a close up:

These things stay on forever. Well for at least a day. It's the perfect way to advertise!
And people said being a writer would be boring. Ha! I say! Ha!


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