Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Launch of IQ!

On May the 2nd we launched The Invasion of the IQ Snatchers into the stratosphere! The launch was held at the Vancouver Island Harbourfront Library in Nanaimo. By my count there was a room full of humans and several aliens in invisible suits. Here's a pic of me talking (note the sci-fi audio visual production, very ultra geeky).

Oh and there I am talking again. It looks more like I'm doing Hamlet, doesn't it?

I was actually talking to the aliens floating in the corner of the room.
Oh and it's me talking for a third time. By this time everyone was asleep.

There was some lovely food provided by the friends of the library, including, of course, Nanaimo Bars!

Books were sold and signed.

It was particularly fun to be reading from a book about aliens taking over Nanaimo to Nanaimoites! My thanks to both my publisher and the generous folks at the Harbourfront library.


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