Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ruth & Sylvia Schwartz award nod

Nice piece of news! Yesterday Mark Abley, the creative non-fiction instructor here, came up to me and said he was reading the CBC website and that one of my books was nominated for an award. Great way to start the day. And you can trust those creative non-fiction types when they say things cause it's all non-fiction, right? It's real. Anyway, it's great to see Megiddo's Shadow receive another nod. My little "boy" is growing up an achieving things. I remember when he was just a couple thousand words and an outline.

The Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz award is particularly nice because it's named after two strong supporters of children's literature. A short list is chosen by judges and a group of students get to choose the winner from that shortlist. Seems a fitting way for a winner to be chosen.

The nominated titles for the young adult/middle reader category are:
I Am a Taxi, by Deborah Ellis.
Megiddo's Shadow, by Arthur Slade.
Odd Man Out, by Sarah Ellis.
Rex Zero and the End of the World, by Tim Wynne-Jones.
Skinnybones and the Wrinkle Queen, by Glen Huser.

An intimidating list. An honor to be nominated.

Did I mention the prize included $5000.00? All modesty aside, I'd really enjoy winning. : )

But if Megiddo doesn't win, I will then at least ask the winner for a loan...


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