Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Banf Day2

In the middle of day two of the "Writing for Children" course at Banff Centre. Time flies by very quickly here. It's such a positive atmosphere. There's a quick sense of community that develops. It's not very often that writers, especially beginning writers, get together in the same place. It's as though we've all landed on Mars (I'm thinking Bradbury here) and most everyone is a writer and those who don't write seem to be content cheering you on. Well, or feeding you at least (notice how it always comes back to food).

The important thing is that the poets, creative-non fictioners, children's writers and novelists all get a chance to live and breath their work (through workshopping) and talk shop. That doesn't happen most days back at their homes, I assume. Usually writers are outnumbered a thousand to one in the real world. Here, we're in the majority. So everyone has questions about other people's work. Everyone is willing to listen to others talk about their work and, of course, willing to talk about their own work. And share ideas and tips. And not think about laundry, picking up the kids for soccer, paying bills etc., They'll probably have to drag us away from here on Sunday.

It is a busy schedule, though. And a real balance to workshop others work and to work on your own. As an instructor I'm not finding much time for writing, but that's not the point. It's energizing to see the fervor of the students. An inspiring to read their work.

And tonight will be the first readings. It'll be a real mixture of styles.

There's lots of wildlife (mother nature kind and others) that just wander around. Here's a deer loitering around below my balcony.
And here's the view outside our workshopping room.



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