Monday, June 12, 2006

New Schedule!!

I just started a new schedule this week. I usually write from 7 am - 12 pm every day, except Sunday. But I find that I tend to lull quite a bit in the middle of that time. You know, check the e-mail a few more times. Read the news. Stir the tea bag around the teapot. Sometimes 5 hours straight is just too much. Especially on just one project.

So now I changed it up by working on three projects. I spend the first hour on my cheesy Canadian Chills book. It's short and fun and I try to write as much of it as possible in that time. I think I left my characters being attacked by flying killer robot bees. Then I spend an hour on my book for adults, The Phoenician. This book, which is set in 1905-1976 and about my great grandfather needs lots of research, but I find that I don't get bogged down because I only have an hour and do everything as quick as possible. Again no lolling around! It's a long term project so a page a day is my goal. And I spend the final three hours on my current middlegrade/YA book, all about a boy struck by lightning who loves truffles. It's my major project right now.

So far splitting the schedule up seems to be working. Of course, it is just the first day. But I seem to be working harder during my writing time. Maybe I'll finally get a few of these books off my "to do" list.


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