Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tribes is out in Hungary!

I'm so excited! My plan for world domination is slowly coming to fruition. My novel TRIBES has been released in Hungary by Animus Kiado.

Here's the cover:

As you can see Tribes becomes Törzsek in Hungarian. We're already learning things, aren't we? And here's the write up:

"Arthur Slade: Törzsek
A tizenhét éves Percy egy különös hóbort rabja lesz. Megfigyeli és lejegyzi diáktársai szokásait, amit azt halottnak mondott apja afrikai törzsekkel tette. De lehet-e az ember pusztán külső személő egy közösségben? Érdemes-e kockáztatni az első szerelem élményét is?

160 oldal
ISBN 963 9563 92 7
1790 Ft"

Now does that sound like an exciting book or what? Eh? Eh? And it's only 1790 Ft! Quick, everyone rush to Budapest and buy a copy. I'll meet you there next to the bus stop by that old building with the neato architecture.

Wish I could be there to see my little book off on its way. Maybe it'll send me a t-shirt.


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