Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oilers and Writing

Well the Edmonton Oilers (my team) just knocked the San Jose Sharks out of the NHL playoffs (they're hockey teams for those who don't know). It almost feels like the good ol' days when Gretzky and Messier would dominate the ice. The Oilers just didn't give up. When Ryan Smith had several of his teeth knocked out by the puck he got back on the ice as soon as he could and set up the winning goal.

And that's a lot like writing. Whenever we get our literary teeth knocked out by a rejection letter, a mental block, a bad review, or some other setback we just have to pick ourselves (and our teeth) back up, smile, and keep on playing the game. Because that's how you win.

Uh, gee, that's kind of a gross comparison now that I think of it. But thanks Ryan Smith for the inspiration.


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Unknown said...

Uh, my first six books weren't published. And I probably submitted them at least 20 times each on average. so...alot!

Thankfully my 7th book was published!