Saturday, April 01, 2006

All Sleek and Skimming is out!!!!

A very cool anthology of short stories for YA is out. It's called "All Sleek and Skimming" and features stories by Martha Brooks, Tim Wynne-Jones, Brian Doyle and others (including an excerpt from my book TRIBES). And the coolest part of the book is it has comics in it too. Prose and comics! Together in the same book!!!!

Anyway, it's all edited by Lisa Heggum, librarian extra-ordinaire.

Check it out,



Lee said...

Terrific. I think too little attention is paid to short stories for YAs.

Unknown said...

Yeah, it's a fun book. Stories are a nice break from reading novels. Kind of the difference between a full course meal and a nice, light (good for you) snack!