Monday, November 28, 2005

Video Video

I've set up two new videos on my website. Now, you too can have a tiny version of me on your computer talking and talking and talking...actually they're both around 3 minutes long.

The first is about the creation of Monsterology.

Just scroll down until you see the words "Click Here." Beware though, it's been rated "so funny it hurts to watch."

The second video is a preview of my Fall 2006 book, Megiddo's Shadow.

Click on the link under Megiddo Movie.

If you have Quicktime the videos should open up and you'll be able to view them. You'll need high speed internet also since the files are both around 12mb.

Or if you have iTunes go to the podcast section in the store, search for "arthur slade" and you'll find the video "podcasts" there and can watch them in the iTunes program. In this format it's officially a video podcast that can be downloaded onto video iPods. Wow, the whole world could be watching...uh, or not...


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