Saturday, October 29, 2005

Back from Festivals and a Bestseller!

Whew! Just back from festivals in Calgary/Banff and Vancouver. I had a wonderful time and spoke to hundreds of students. One of my fave memories is presenting MONSTEROLOGY to about 300 grade 4-6 students, telling them all about the trouble I went through to interview Dracula. During Q&A one kid piped up with, "Were you scared when you met Dracula?" "Of course," I answered, "it's only natural to be frightened, he's a vampire." I highly recommend both festivals (the Calgary/Banff festival is a combined festival that includes three nights stay at Banff. Glorious time there.).

Came home to find out that MONSTEROLOGY is the #5 new release bestseller in Canada! I don't know if any of my books will ever debut that high again, so my wife, daughter, and I immediately went out and celebrated with lunch and desert (chocolate/peanut butter cake and an almond turtle cake).

Oh, did I mention that I finished the final draft of Megiddo's Shadow, my WW1 novel yesterday, too? A great week!


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