Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alas, Poor Sweeney, I knew him well...

Yep, good ol' Sweeney Todd didn't make the Villainology cut. He won't be standing side by side along with Attila the Hun and Emperor Nero. What does a villain have to do to make it?

Sweeney Todd: A fictional barber who lived on Fleet Street in London. Anyone who bumbled in looking for a shave and a haircut, ended up getting a deep throat cut. Sweeney then chopped up their bodies and put them in pies. People pies is what they were called and they sold well. Sweeney first appeared in a penny dreadful (a really cheap story that sold for a penny) called "The String of Pearls: A Romance" (1846) that was likely written by Thomas Prest. Next came a play then musical after musical after Musical. Ah, there’s nothing more musical that cutting people up and stuffing them in pies. Kinda makes you wonder what everyone was eating in Oliver Twist. Sweeney Todd may be based on someone real, but no one has ever proved it. I guess somebody ate the evidence.

Poor, poor Sweeney. Well, at least he keeps people singing. Which reminds me. There was a Heavy Metal band called Fist back in the '80's who had a cool song called Fleet Street. The lyrics were something like:

"Follow the baker,
The people pie maker,
Makin' people pies,
Evil in his eyes!"

Hey, it was a cool song. Still is. It's somewhere on my iPod right now.

Speaking of eyes, here's a villainous eye...any guesses who it belongs to?

Tune in next time when you'll find out why Lizzie Borden didn't make the cut. Get it, the cut? Maybe that should be the whack.


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